Additives For Rubber

Rubber additives are essential components of rubber formulations that provide maintenance and/or modification of polymer properties, performance, and long-term use. They comprise a small percentage in the formulation, but their impact is significant. How a additive is used varies depending on polymer and application. Additives adds value to your end product. R Chemine Products Private Limited has a variety of rubber additives to offer for various types of polymers & applications.
Product Image (R Chem Addrub - 212)

R Chem Addrub - 212

R Chem Addrub - 212 is a processing additive & filler dispersant for rubber polymers.

Product Image (R Chem Addrub - PP)

R Chem Addrub - PP

Zinc soap of higher molecular fatty acids.

Product Image (R Chem Addrub - 222)

R Chem Addrub - 222

Mixture of high molecular aliphatic fatty acid esters.

Product Image (R Chem Addrub - 16)

R Chem Addrub - 16

Mixture of fatty soaps & amides, predominantly calcium.


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